「  Photographer | Filmmaker | Graphic Designer | Illustrator  」

I'm an artist of sort out of Sacramento, California. My work ranges from Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, Filmmaking, and everything in between.  I like to travel, try new food, learn new things, and experience other culture.  I’m currently learning my 3rd language (Japanese) and I'm a self-proclaimed Ramen Connoisseur. My favorite types of Ramen are Tonkatsu and Miso but I pretty much like them all.  I longboard and explore cities on my electric board, I DJ and produce music here and there, and I like going to Electronic Dance Music festivals around the world.  My favorite genre of music is Hardstyle but I listen to a plethora of genres for inspiration. My main influences across all my work is Japanese culture and it’s tradition, Minimalism, and the moody styles of noir.


My main focus in photography are Street Photography, Portraits, and Urban Scapes. With post processing, I like to experiment but I do lean towards a certain look and style. I like cool atmospheric tones, dark moody noir, with a hint of selective coloring.


When it comes to filmmaking, I make short films, travel videos, music videos, and artsy videos. In contrast to photography where I lean towards a specific look; with filmmaking, I do the opposite. My look or style depends on the project at hand.

Design & Illustration
With graphic design, the type of style and look depends on the project but I apply minimalism to most of my work because minimalism can declutter a project from unnecessary elements. I don’t like adding elements just for the sake of adding them. I like to create meaningful design without unnecessary decorations.

PORTFOLIO 2019 (Booklet)

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ADDY AWARD | 2012 – 2013

From American Advertising Federation (AAF)
• Gold for GOTHAM Integrated Campaign (Local)
• Gold for GOTHAM Integrated Campaign (District)
• Student Best of Show for GOTHAM Integrated Campaign (Local)


From California Industrial & Technology Association
• First Place Award for GOTHAM Branding
• Outstanding Project for GOTHAM Branding
• Outstanding Project for Cultivate R-Space Branding


From Journalism Association of Community Colleges
• First Place: Front Page Layout (Broadsheet)
• First Place: Student Designed Advertisement


From Sacramento City College
• Silver in Print Design
• Silver in Web Design


「  The Art of Sight  」

The name "House of Intent" comes from the design phrase “design with a purpose" and not to create decorative artwork or add things for the sake of making it look good.  Form follows function.  The word “House” represents myself and the culmination and scope of my work.

The Logo

There are two different logos, one representing Photography and Filmmaking and the other representing Design and Illustration.

Inside the inner circle of the Photography and FIlmmaking logo is a stylized Japanese Kanji「 見 」that stands for sight, vision, to see. This goes hand in hand with photos and video since it’s mostly visual.

The circle itself represents the lens and opening of a camera. The 3 points connected to the circle represents the Exposure Triangle in photography and filmmaking which are Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO.

The petals surrounding the circle is called a laurel wreath which stands for victory and honor (Greek origins). These petals also represent the aperture blades in a lens that make those creamy background blur that we all like. The blurry parts of an image is called Bokeh (ボケ) (Japanese origin).

Taking the meaning of the Kanji 見 and the meaning of the laurel wreath and putting them together. The logo translates to “Victory in Sight” which is a play-on word of when you’re capturing an image with a camera, where the subject and image you’re capturing is your victory and it’s in your sight.


Say hello to my co-pilot and bestfriend, Kyoto the Shiba Inu! She’s named after my favorite place in the world, Kyoto, Japan. The meaning of Kyoto is Peace and Calm and is also known as the City of Zen. She’s very playful and energetic but she is hella chill for the most part which fits her name. Not only does she have the looks but she is very smart and sassy. I couldn’t have gotten a better doge!

Kyoto Adventures:
INSTAGRAM: @Kyoto.the.Shiba